What is tooronga ? How to build a sales system on the vending machine?

What is tooronga ? How to build a sales system on the vending machine?

First, let's look at what is autowork sales? An automatic sales funnel (autoronk) is a complex of selling pages and messages that can be created without your active participation. converts a potential customer into a real fix this.

Let's take a look at the steps to successfully build automation in your online project.

Today we will talk about services that will help you do this easily and simply.

◽This is the strategy of building a funnel.

Services: IMindmap, MindMeister will help you visualize your wildest ideas.

◽This competitive analysis.

Use the Feedspy service (social network analysis). Use Wordstat to find out what your customers are looking for on the Internet and how?

, Product line.

At a minimum, the lead magnet, tripwire, and main product.

◽This formation offer.

You can have a super product, perfect automation, but if there is no offer, the efficiency will be lower.

◽I create a landing page (Landing Page).

A person sees your ad and goes to the landing page. You can make it in simple constructors-Lpmotor, Getresponse, Tilda, Lpgenerator.

◽This is the texts and the design.

You'll need them for email, chatbots, and landing pages. You can do everything yourself or contact a copywriter and designer.

◽ Email marketing.
Unisender, Getresponse, Sendpulse

◽This chat-bots and instant messengers.
Bothelp, TextBack,

◽This is the pay.

Here it is very important to decide-will the reception be for an individual, sole proprietor, OOO? Everything has its own peculiarities and subtleties.
Individuals - Yandex.Money, ROBOKASSA.
Sole proprietor, LLC-Internet acquiring, Yandex.Yandex. Checkout, ROBOKASSA, And Tinkoff.


Where will all orders, customers, payments, end-to-end Analytics, conversion rate, ROI, and other important metrics flow?
Getcurse, Megaplan, Bittrix, And AmoCRM.

, Traffic.

Instagram, Facebook, VK, OK, Yandex.Yandex. Direct, Google AdWords.

And don't forget about pixel and retargeting role. Every ruble invested should bring a good profit !!!

Do you have anything to add? Write in the comments !!! 😳